I started seeing Ashley in the spring for migraines and anxiety. She was very flexible fitting me in her schedule, working around my availability. My migraines have decreased in number and intensity, and my anxiety had diminished greatly. My sleep has been better and my overall energy is up. She uses acupuncture and moxibustion on me once a week, sometimes twice. This is one of the best health decisions i have made for myself in a long time.


Ashley is very kind, calm, professional, and caring. She has helped me to regain some movement and decrease the pain in my arthritic hand and wrist. She also recommended some good dietary changes and got me an herbal oil to put on my joints when i go to bed. I was nervous about coming because I am a little afraid of needles, but not only do you not feel much, I found it very relaxing. The office is calming too and I feel very comfortable with her.


I have been seeing Ashley for multiple complaints over the past several months. Sometimes she works on my back, my shoulders, and sometimes my sinuses. I have less pain, better overall movement, and I sleep better because I can breathe out of my nose! I look forward to my weekly session with Ashley!


I arrived to Ashley with shooting pains in my neck down to my shoulder blades and limited range in motion (could barely turn my neck left to right). Not only was I in tons of pain, but I was also planning to take a vacation in 2 weeks. After only 4 sessions, Ashley improved my range of motion to nearly full recovery, but she also reduced my pain levels from a 9-10 down to a 3-4. She worked with my schedule tremendously to help get me well with the limited time I had. She made me feel important and I would highly recommend her practice. She’s the best!